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Servicing Robinvale, Mildura and surrounds.

Who is the Empowerment Doula?

First and foremost, my name is Ashleigh (you can call me Ash) and I am located in Robinvale.

I am a mother to two beautiful kids - Grace, 7 and Parker, 6.

My post-partum experience with them was varied and complex, both experiences totally unique. 

My children have been my biggest teachers in who I want to show up as in the world, and what I do to serve others and my community. 

Prior to starting my career as a Doula, I spent several years working as a support person to some of the communities most vulnerable people who had found themselves in the criminal justice system or as victims of family violence. This role has guided me in developing boundaries (and assisting others to do the same), deepening my compassion for others and understanding that you need to treat the need, not the behaviour.

Since commencing with Mothers and their families during pregnancy, loss, birth and postnatally, my heart is so full.

The way you can change someone's life/experience just by cooking a meal, folding washing, lending a compassionate ear or having a laugh, has been revolutionary to me. 

I thank my lucky stars everyday that I have had the privilege to be part of this sacred time in their lives. It is an absolute honour to guide women (and their families) to lean into their intuition and the version of themselves they want to show up as. 


Pre-Natal Support

Face-to-face  support prior to the birth of your child. 

This service includes light household duties, in home meal preparation, home organisation for when you get bitten by the nesting bug, support to discuss fears and a compassionate ear to listen 

Post-Partum Planning

Virtual meeting prior to the birth of your baby to discuss all things fourth trimester. 

This session will include; identifying your support networks and setting up realistic expectations for all things feeding, sleeping, resting and beyond during your post-partum period. 

Post-Partum Support

Face-to-face support following the birth of your child.

This service includes, a birth

debrief, light household duties, in home meal preparation, infant (and additional child care) to allow the care giver(s) to rest, a compassionate ear to listen and so much more. 



"I had a very positive experience with Ashleigh as my doula and am thankful for the time she spent with me and my family. She is one talented lady!"

I'd love to hear from you 

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The Empowerment Doula operates In Robinvale, M and surrounds.

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